About The Silk Road 

What is it?


The Silk Road Fashion Show will take place on 15 Fabruary 2018 at the world famous Chelsea Football Club in London.

At the show, Elanu Enterprises Ltd will introduce modern fashion of the Silk Road to British and international audiences, including media, buyers, fashionistas and embassies’ representatives of the Silk Road countries. It will bring together fashion designers from the Silk Road countries, who are based in the region or moved to the West, as well as those designers who produce their products in one of the Silk Road countries.

The Show will provide a showcase for designers to demonstrate the art of their collections on the catwalk and to network with fashion professionals (buyers, media, bloggers etc) in the showroom where the collections and accessories will be displayed.


Why the Silk Road?

The Silk Road is well known as a conduit for travellers, for ideas, for armies, for products and for exotic mysteries. But it is a textile that gives the Silk Road its name. It was these textiles and the fashions accompanying them which led merchants to travel thousands of miles, often in considerable danger. Their potential rewards were great and the cross-fertilisation of materials and fashion ideas caused profound changes for all those affected all along the Silk Road. This was the case two thousand years ago (one of the earliest Roman graves in London is of a woman wearing Chinese silk) as it is today, with fashion designers exploring new ways of using traditional materials and finding new ways to exchange ideas with others around the world, including along the old Silk Road.

Other textiles have also spread widely along the Silk Road. Woollen felt, the oldest known textile, as well as cotton, is also a major fabric of the region. Six out of the ten top world cotton producers are on the Silk Road.

What is the Silk Road today and what are people wearing now in the Silk Road countries? The influence of western style has strongly infused the fashion evolved in the Silk Road through the centuries, but these countries still retain their own distinctive styles, as well as being centres for new, cutting-edge ideas. 

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